Sort criteria

Sorting – The nuts and bolts of efficiency!

During the sorting process, the asparagus spears are rotated in the cups many times and 100% of their surface area is photographed.
Automatic white balance means the camera colour recognition is not affected by external temperatures.

The following criteria are taken into consideration

  • Diameter (at the bottom or middle of the spear)
  • Length
  • Curvature, S-shape, Head area
  • Spears without head
  • Club shape / Deficiency in parallelity
  • Head shape (Flowering)
  • Colours separately for the head, neck and the rest of the stem for white asparagus
  • Oval shape
  • Cracks, Grooves

The colours are determined separately for the head, neck and the rest of the stem.

Violet – light violet - green – light green - rust – light rust/rotten parts

Grüner Spargel

The evaluation criteria are different for white and green asparagus.

There is the option of an additional head camera to measure flowering, thereby ensuring more exact recognition of green asparagus.

By means of the above mentioned criteria it is possible to create and to save any sorting program according to the customer’s requirements and wishes. These settings can be loaded at any time to change the current grading.

Sorting results can be saved for later detailed evaluation and analysis.