Apple packaging

Knot Bag System

The Knot Bag Filler is used in conjunction with the Single Fruit Weighing Machine (EW20), and allows the careful packaging of weighed and counted apples into plastic bags that are then sealed with a knot.

The empty bags are hung under the filling funnel by hand, and the filling process is started with the press of a button. The desired amount of apples are released from the IW 20, and conveyed through the filling funnel into the bag by means of a waved-shaped conveyor belt. Careful processing of apples is ensured by a layer underneath the bag. The bags are then removed from the machine, and knotted by hand. A discharge belt transports the filled bags to the next processing station. With its four filling stations, the Knot Bag Filler offers enough space for two workers to work simultaneously at one machine. This way, up to 20 bags per minute can be filled with weighed apples and sealed. Typical pack weights range from 2 to 3 kg.

  • Optimal pack weight with weighed/counted apples
  • Especially careful filling by lowering apples into the bag