Asparagus packing

Bunching and labelling of asparagus and other products!

The GUB Buncher can be used alone or in combination with our weighing and sorting machine.
The package units are placed directly in the cups on the feed belt of the GUB Buncher and transported into the buncher unit. On either side of the GUB Buncher there are special binding machines with clamp arms for attaching rubber bands. There is an option to have ElastiTag® on one side of the rubber band. Finally, the bunches can be taken away by the removal transport system and processed further.

An additional printer can add your company logo and specific product information to the ElastiTag®.

Technical specifications of the GUB Bunchers

Binding materialsElastiTag® from the spool and/or rubber band from the tube
PerformanceGUB14 (2 bunching heads per side) ca. 45 units/min
  • No damage to the product from rubber bands
  • Attractive product design with the printed label(ElastiTag®)
  • The only device of its kind in the world
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