Leek weighing

POW Series – Weight to measure
Semi-automatic or fully automatic

Our fully automatic leek weighing system combines unique accuracy with high performance capacities. The leek can be cut on the leaf or the root side before it is weighed.

Our semi-automatic version is more compact than the fully automatic version but lacks none of the functionality. The weighing line can be combined with a row of discharge devices and sealing machines to produce a fully automatic packing line.

Technical specifications of the fully automatic line

Performanceup to 45 Packages/min
Weighing range500g – 2.000g
  • High performance through high degree of accuracy
  • Can be combined with different packing machines
  • Low personnel requirement

Technical specifications of the semi-automatic line

Performanceup to 25 Packages/min
Weighing range500g – 2.000g