Apple packaging

Fruit Applicator — 2 lanes

In conjunction with the Single Fruit Weighing Machine (EW20), a certain quantity of apples can be reliably and carefully laid into tray packaging to a simultaneously specified total weight. The two laying units that belong to this type of machine work on the same principle as the four-lane variant. Using various options, the machine can be perfectly adapted to apples of different sizes. The required tray packaging is supplied by two dispenser units with supply containers on the sides of the machine. These are capable of processing trays for 4, 6 or 8 pieces of fruit. The filled trays are then fed via a conveyor belt to a film wrapping machine.

  • Optimal weight for a specified quantity of fruit
  • Adjustability ensures careful processing of apples

Technical specifications of the fruit applicator

PerformanceCapacity is up to 35 packs per minute