Weighing the asparagus

Asparagus weighing system

The combination scales continually ascertains the individual weight of the asparagus spears and collects them together to form the pre-set package weight. A specially developed device on the scales allows exact weighing even at high speeds. As a result, the package weight always lies within the pre-set tolerances. If an individual piece cannot be allocated to a package because of its weight, it is automatically returned to the beginning of the machine and is combined in another cycle.


  • Right or left side models
  • Chutes on both sides
  • Fresh cut on the feed belt
  • Monitoring scale under the collection bin
  • Ideally combines with GUB Buncher/Buncher and others

We offer different solutions for every size of company

Number of transverse bands6
Number of collection cups6/12
Measuring accuracy+/- 4g
Speed for white asparagusca. 50 Pkg/min at 500g/Pkg
  • Always optimum packing weight
  • High performance with low personnel requirement
  • The combination principle means no checking of packing weight required
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Combination scales above with the feed belt and cutter underneath with GUB Buncher


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