Asparagus sorting

OptiSort G-Series
— Sorting technology writes a piece of history —

The high sort quality of our optical asparagus sorting machine is the result of more than 20 years' experience.

In our sorting machine, the asparagus is first cleaned with a lot of water and a little pressure to prepare them for optical sorting.

Then the asparagus is singulated and is transported to the optical quality recognition unit in its cup and from there to the appropriate collecting container, which is subdivided into different quality levels.

  • Incorrect classifications are avoided by optical all round observation in the sorting cup. Every asparagus is checked
  • Low water consumption through recycling
  • Green and white asparagus processed in one machine

We offer different solutions for every size of company

TypeSpears/hNumber of chutes
OptiSort GMS21,00012+
OptiSort GM28,00014+
OptiSort GS50,00016+
OptiSort G50,00018+
+ + +