Apple packaging

Automatic bag sealer
— Type: TA10 —

The TA10 bag sealing unit is an optimal add-on to our EW20 weighing line, putting the weighed apples into off-the-roll PE bags and sealing them in a sealing mechanism. All general information as well as your logo and company name have already been printed on the bags and our machine can additionally add indications of apple variety and the EAN code etc. The fruit are put into the bags extremely gently by the lift and lower mechanism developed especially for delicate fruit.

  • Unprecedented gentle treatment of the fruit
  • Sealing, taping, Kwik Lok
  • Easy handling/operation

Technical specifications of Type TA10

Performanceup to 25 bags/min
Packing volume500g – 3kg
Apple packaging

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TA10 with Taper and conveyor belt